Don't mess with Greater Morning Star Baptist Church Pastor W.L.T. Littleton. Yes he is a man of God and also a former New Orleans Police officer. When burglars invaded his church they were chase off by a hail of  brimstone ... uh ... I mean bullets!

getty images/Kevork Djansezian


According to Western Journalism two burglars tried to break into the church in Algiers Wednesday afternoon about 5 P.M.. The story is that Littleton chased them out of the church shooting at them and when they fled in a pick up truck he shot at it. The bullet hole ridden truck was found and one suspect was taken to the hospital a bullet wound to the head. The other suspect was found and arrested. The pastor was no charged.

Member of the community stated that if they had just ask Littleton he would have given them anything; but he was not going to stand for them stealing from the church and it's congregation.

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