After the shootout on members of congress at a Virginia ball park, a bill is expected to be filed that would allow congressmen to carry concealed weapons.

Richland Parish Congressman Ralph Abraham says he will support the proposed law by his colleague Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks. He says while it’s important to protect members of congress, he also wants to keep bystanders safe.

“My concern is for my staff and certainly those that are around me at a particular event, the people that have come to see me. I’m not as concerned for myself,” Abraham said.

Abraham says lawmakers are well protected by Capitol Police in on Capitol Hill, but not as much elsewhere. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise thankfully had his security detail with him the morning of the shooting, but other members of congress do not have such protection. Abraham says that’s why federal lawmakers should be able to protect themselves.

“Once we get off campus per se and we move from the Hill to other events, there simply are not enough Capitol Police to watch every one of us,” Abraham said.

Abraham says as a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights, he’s all for people having guns and using them properly. But not all congressman have the experience the north Louisiana lawmaker does. He says it’s important to make sure that those who do carry know how to do so safely.

“I would certainly advise anybody that has a concealed carry permit to make sure they undergo a good concealed carry course,” Abraham said.

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