Last week, Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Bottoms, was recorded on video by Twitter user Terrell Thomas. Thomas asked the mayor who she would like to see in the Superbowl on February 3. Her answer?

Just anybody other than the Saints

If I could insert a blinking guy .gif here, I totally would. Lady, you do realize even though we live in the REAL south (I don't mean those eastern states that call themselves the South, either). We do have internet and fancy computers.

Now, was she joking? I would have to believe with her delivery of it, it's just friendly trash talk. She said it with a nice big smile and even made the joke about a bounty being put on her head.

Dear Mayor Bottoms, joking or not, if the Saints make it to your city, BE PREPARED! They're gonna take the entire city of New Orleans up there with them and show that they were there in full New Orleans fashion.

Will the Saints head up to Atlanta for the Superbowl? We will know this coming Sunday, and if you can't be in front of a TV, you can listen to the game right here on Gator 99.5!

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