You made out like a bandit this Mardi Gras Season, didn't you? You did your best Mr. T impression and worked for 2 days to get the colored stains off of your neck. Now what do you do with your Little Mermaid collection of these plastic dangly things? Donate them to the Autism Society! What in the world could they possibly want with your used beads? Well, a lot. The Society detangles them, sorts them according to size, repackages them and sells them at incredibly affordable prices.

mardi gras beads

On a personal note, I have bought beads from them for the past few years. Not only are they extremely cheaper than the other stores, the quality is better, they're organized, and you get to help out others with your purchase. The proceeds from the sales help to fund activities in 6 parishes for autistic members. Collections have begun, if you have a large collection, you can drop them off at the partners below, or call their chapter line at 337 855 2068. They do not have to be bundled or pre-sorted, just dump them off and know you did something good for the Autism Society. Then, don't forget to go by when you need beads the next time.

Collection Locations are:

Bell City:
Bell City School
Beauregard Chamber of Commerce
Dollar Tree (Pine Street)
Southern Home Health
Iowa High School
JI Watson
Lake Charles:
Casa Manana
Central Library
College Oaks Elem
Direct Care does collect year round
Kaufman Elem.
Southern Home Health
St. Margaret's CatholicSchool
St. Nicholas Center
Rosepine Elem
Credit Services
EK Key Elem
Frasch Elem
Southern Tire Mart
Westwood Elem
Western Heights Elem
S P Arnett Middle school
Grand Lake Moss Bluff
HWY 14 Kinder
Mid City (Ryan St) Cities Service
Nelson Rd Carlyss
Vinton Westlake

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