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LSU police are warning Baton Rouge residents to keep an eye out for fake money.

Before you break a $100 bill for someone, be aware that you may be getting scammed. According to several reports that have been filed, fake $100 bills have been circulating around the Baton Rouge area—specifically in the LSU Student Union.

The counterfeit notes are marked on both the front and back with "FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY."

WAFB says that mid 20-year old black males have allegedly been asking people to break the fake bills and then make off with the unknowing victim's real currency.

The money looks very convincing being that the "FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY" phrasing is in the normal money font where "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" would normally be written.


All local Baton Rouge law enforcement are warning people to be aware and anyone with information related to the counterfeit scam is asked to call the LSU Police Department at 225-578-3231.

[via WAFB]