We reported earlier this month that the Baton Rouge Zoo was offering $0.50 admission on every Wednesday in the month of June, and now we have even better news: they've decided to extend their hours of operations on those days.

Starting today, you'll be able to still enjoy the same promotion but for two2 more hours in a day. The new hours of operations on Wednesdays is 12:00pm to 4:00pm.

It's all part of the Baton Rouge Zoo's anniversary celebration. The zoo opened its doors on Easter Sunday in 1970. Not only is it the zoo's 50-year anniversary, but the admission on opening day was $0.50 per person.

The zoo is taking tons of precautions and actions to keep their visitors and employees safe. So grab the family and take a mid-week vacation and go have a great burger at Red Robin when you're done.

A family favorite animal of ours is the giraffe. They are beautiful and majestic. I'll never forget the first time my son, Elijah, had a chance to feed one at the Houston Zoo. He was probably around six years old at the time. The zoo worker would give you a few big pieces of lettuce and you would walk up to the end of an elevated platform where you and the giraffes are essentially eye to eye. He was game for the whole experience until the giraffe stuck out its long, black tongue to grab the lettuce. It took Elijah by surprise, and he started to scream and tired to bolt for the exit. I grabbed him and held him in front of me while I showed him the giraffe wouldn't hurt him. Finally, on our third and last piece of lettuce, he was able to muster up enough courage to grab the lettuce at the very end of the stalk and let the giraffe chow down.

When we were walking back down the ramp toward his mother and sister, you would've thought he was a conquering king returning from battle. He was bursting with excitement and had stories of how cool it was and how his sister, Khloe, who was three at the time, should go up and do it, too.

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