The Baton Rouge Zoo is celebrating its 50 year anniversary and giving zoo lovers the deal of a lifetime.

My wife is a zoo-aholic. We've planned several vacations around zoos. So I know once she sees this article, we'll be going sometime this month. I was trying to hold her off until the fall, but how can you pass up such cheap admission?

Your family will be able to enjoy a mid-week getaway between the hours of 2:00pm and 4:00pm at the Baton Rouge Zoo, and they're offering $0.50 admission to all ages every Wednesday in June.

The Baton Rouge Zoo Director Phil Fros said in a press release:

This is one more way we are honoring this major milestone & saying thank you to the community who helped us get there...we are thrilled to be celebrating our role in connecting people with wildlife and wild places since the Zoo first opened 50 years ago.

The zoo opened its doors on Easter Sunday in 1970. Not only is it the zoo's 50 year anniversary, but the admission on opening day was $0.50 per person. It's really cool how that worked out. That's what you call a promotion, ladies and gentlemen.

I can't remember if the Baton Rouge Zoo has silverback gorillas. They are my all-time favorite animal, powerful and majestic. I also love the big cat exhibits and the reptile rooms, mainly to watch my wife get freaked out. It gives me and the kids some good laughs.

On a side note, if you love silverback gorillas as well, the zoo in Little Rock, Arkansas has an amazing exhibit. It's huge, and you're positioned above the open enclosure. It gives you a great view of all the gorillas, and I could stand there for hours.

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