Yesterday afternoon, Bayou Country Superfest announced on their Facebook page that they will be going on "hiatus until further notice". The festival has been a huge draw for country fans for 10 years. Eight of those 10 years were spent in Tiger Stadium, and two were spent in New Orleans when Tiger Stadium was under construction.

The reason for cancelling the show? Continued low attendance. After the festival last year, the event brought in roughly 50,000 attendees to the stadium. Compared to 2016, the last time it was in Baton Rouge, at over 100,000. That's a considerable dip in attendance. It's first show in 2010, the festival drew over 85,000 people and peaked in 2015 with 125,000 in attendance. After that, whether it be due to the moving from NOLA back to Baton Rouge, or the line up, concert goers steadily declined.

Bayou Country Superfest - Day 2
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Now, we wait and see if it will ever come back, or just be an old chapter in festival history for Louisiana. The festival has welcome some giant country artists to Louisiana : Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, and even George Strait. Guess we will wave bye to the festival, until next time.

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