Over in California, they're getting rid of straws, eating healthy, but they're also BBQing Alligators? The Black Sugar Rib Company, was founded in Southern California and has place California on the map for BBQ. They pride themselves on using all natural ingredients and stay away from any preservatives whatsoever.

bbq gator 2

In Los Angeles, there is a weekly food festival during the fall season called Smorgasburg. It features local restaurants, food trucks, and foodies enjoying new foods to eat, and to cook. Black Sugar's BBQ Gators are the hit each year, which they cook every 4-6 weeks during the seasonal festival.

The LA festival isn't the only time they get to cooking the delicious looking pair of boots. They've cooked for various NFL games, Parties, and even some country music festivals all over the state of California.

Black Sugar ships the Alligators in and makes it available, for free while it lasts, to anyone that buys any of the normal items they sell during the festival. They treat is as a way to allow people to try something new and is probably way out of their comfort zone.

Black Sugar says they do private catering of the BBQ Alligator, but it comes at a hefty price depending on the season and size.

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