As President Joe Biden was inaugurated as the next President of the United States, there were plenty of pictures and memes of the entire process. However, one picture seemed to take the internet by storm in just a few hours.

As the ceremony progressed, Bernie Sanders was seen sitting by himself, minding his own business. This one picture has flooded the internet like wildfire. It has been used to describe teachers as they sit and watch recess, to substitute band members, and he's even been added into the Last Supper.

Facebook, Killer Photography
Facebook, Killer Photography

Now, it seems Bernie has made his way down to Lake Charles to supervise the rebuilding of the Capital One building. Chad Moreno with Killer Photography is one of my absolute favorite local photographers in the area. He covered the devastation of our area after Hurricane Laura struck and took some breathtaking images of our city during the aftermath.

Chad decided to add a touch of humor to his photos of the Capital One building by adding Bernie, saying he was supervising the rebuilding process. It makes me giggle each and every time I see these two photos, and I hope they make you laugh along with me.

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