During this extremely difficult time in our daily lives, it is amazing what a simple wooden box will do to help others in need.

Louisiana’s unemployment rate is currently at 9.7%. As of March, approximately 560 thousand Louisiana residents have filed for unemployment. Some residents are struggling to find where their own or their family’s next meal will come from.

Blessing boxes have begun to pop up all over SWLA and SETX. The concept is simple. If you need something to eat, simply take what you need from the box. If you have been blessed with food, then feel free to restock the box with non-perishables.

My neighbors, Jared and Nichole Martin, built this blessing box last year in the community of Moss Bluff. The Martins feel very blessed and know how hard times can come and go. Jared built the box in July of last year to help teach his two sons about the power of blessing and helping others in need.

The blessing box was built six months before the first confirmed U.S. case of COVID-19. It helped many before the pandemic, and I can attest that it has tripled if not quadrupled in helping the needy since the coronavirus outbreak.

I have had the honor of watching hundreds of local families benefit from this 3ft. x 3ft. simple wooden box. Friendships and relationships have been made here.

If you would like to place food in the box, it is located on the north side of Stafford Road, near the corner of North Perkins Ferry Road in Moss Bluff.

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