Over the weekend here in Southwest Louisiana, people were out on our lakes and rivers, enjoying the great weather. There were fishing tournaments and even a huge boat parade.

Southwest Louisiana folks put a Facebook page together and gathered supporters of President Donald Trump and had a huge boat parade on Saturday. Folks estimated there were almost 400 vessels on the water for that parade, from boats to jet skis.

There was also a huge bass fishing tournament on the Calcasieu river in Moss Bluff on Saturday. Needless to say, the waterways were jam-packed with boaters this weekend.

Truck hits drive thru sign (Facebook Video Sara C. MCVey)
Truck hits drive thru sign (Facebook Video Sara C. MCVey)

Facebook was abuzz Saturday evening when someone posted a video of a truck pulling a boat with a Bimini Top in the drive-thru at a Lake Charles Taco Bell. We guess the driver was hungry and decided to take his chances by towing his boat right through the drive-thru.

The problem is the fast food restaurant has a top hanging over their menu sign, so you can see this isn't going to go well. The person shooting the video said, "Hold on I am trying to video this man making a terrible mistake." The lady shooting the video then busted out laughing and said, "I knew it was going to happen."  Well, it did.

So here is a lesson boys and girls. You can't drive through a place that has a top over a menu sign when you still have your top up on your boat. Can someone say crunch? You know what boat stands for? Break Out Another Thousand.

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