We live in a new age. We say things that can mean totally different things to those around us, everyone is easily offended, and now, bringing a "sack" of Crawfish can be part of this abomination of human existence.

Currently circulating the world of Facebook is this picture of a bag that seems to contain whole crawfish inside. "Cajun Seasoned, Microwaveable, Ready to Eat" is what the bag claims.

According to a wholesale grocery store (that luckily doesn't exist anywhere around here), Instacart.com, this "party in a bag" can be served HOT or COLD. It is seasoned with Red Pepper, Salt, and Sunflower Oil. The bag contains three pounds of crawfish, ready to spice up any party. They come frozen, and the bag has instructions on how to STEAM them and serve.


The Instacart website does not mention price, but I kept on searching for other variations of this space-age product. I ran across Harris Teeter Expresslane. They have different packaging, but pretty much the same situation: three pounds of Crawfish, Salt, Red Pepper, BUT they suggest BOILING them. They do mention you can put them in the microwave for four minutes.

The price for them? Three pounds for $10.99. Now, that's cheap, but is it worth it? Only if you feel like turning in your Cajun Card!

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