It seemed as if country music singer Cady Groves was emerging to be a rising star to keep your eyes on. That all ended with her untimely death at the age of 30, back in May.

Groves' career was propelling forward with hits like This Little Girl and Oil and Water.

At the time of her death, brother Cody Groves told reporters he believed she died from natural causes. Cody also spoke about the passing of their brothers, Casey in 2007 and Kelly in 2014.

The initial investigation into Cady’s death ruled out signs of foul play, suicide, overdose, and detailed no signs of trauma. She was found unresponsive in her bed by a roommate in Brentwood, Tennessee on May 2.

The Davidson County Medical Examiner's Office released their autopsy report, which determined Cady Groves died from complications of chronic ethanol abuse.

Like so many young country music stars before her time, she died from alcoholism. Keith Whitley and Hank Sr. come to mind. We will all be left with the question: how big of a country star could she have become with the talent she only had to share with us for a few years?

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