Yesterday, we lost a Louisiana and Swamp Pop music legend when we found out that GG Shinn passed away at the age of 78.

Musicians and fans took to social media, posting comments, pictures, and tributes to the Louisiana music legend.

One of those tributes came from Cajun and Country music legend, Jo-EL Sonnier. He posted a touching story about his and GG's friendship and then posted the video.

Sometimes makin' a post on facebook is so simple and doesn't even take any thought at all. And then something' happens that touches your heart so strongly that it takes most of the day to figure out a way to express what you are feelin'. Today at 2:47 pm, one of our Louisiana legends took his final bow and exited the stage for the last time. GG Shinn wasn't just a Louisiana legend, he was a good man, a good friend and a good example of how a legend gets to be a legend. I , like so many other artists and musicians, got to call this man my friend and knowin' I'll never share another stage with him, never hear his voice again and never see his beautiful infectious smile, will be very hard to accept. But God had a new stage for GG and I know he's happy tonight, free of any pain and rejoinin' his loved ones who passed before him. So rest easy my friend until I see you again when I too will face my last curtain call.
Bobbye made this little video for me and I thought I'd share it with all of you. I think it says it all.....

Here is the video that Jo-EL did to pay tribute to GG Shinn.

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