The Calcasieu Parish School Board posted an update on their website about various items needing to be addressed for the rest of the school year. There is a lot of information, so for in-depth info, you can visit their website and see the memo in its entirety.

First on the list was the discussion of remediation for students who might have fallen behind due to the recent events. The grade range eligible for remediation is kindergarten through 11th grade. CPSB is asking parents who think their child is in the category to reach out to the child's teacher to verify and make arrangements accordingly.

High school principals are working on a graduation plan. According to the post made by CPSB, they are looking into both live and video ceremonies for students' graduation. Until further information is given to the principals on safety and distancing, they cannot move forward with either decision. The site does list examples of the situations for both live and virtual for parents to look over.

Buses will be placed around the districts featuring free Wi-Fi. CPSB realizes not all homes have internet, but that the students still need a way to learn and submit work. Twelve CPSB school buses will be placed around the local area to provide free hotspots so students can work and turn in items online. The board says that once the buses are placed, they will notify parents of their locations and monitor their usage to make sure that they are being used to the fullest potential.

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