After one of the most unpredictable years, the Calcasieu Parish School Board seems to be getting back on track. Going from normal school to virtual during a pandemic already put a strain on students and teachers in 2020. Throw in a few hurricanes and a freeze, and you just have to let a few things slide as we go.

The CPSB decided to not enforce the school uniform policy, introduced in the fall of 2001, for all Calcasieu Parish schools. After Hurricane Laura, it was found that the uniform policy was a bit too much to worry about as students and parents were attempting to rebuild the rest of their lives piece by piece. The board decided to remove the policy at least for the rest of the 2020-2021 school year.

After voting on the 21-22 calendar, the board went back to focusing on the school uniform policy. The board met Tuesday and decided to reinstate the policy for all Calcasieu Parish schools for the new school year of 2021-2022. Students will be able to continue with the current uniform policy for the remaining time of this year.

Obviously, the reaction from parents was mixed but more on the negative side, according to the board's Facebook page. There is even a petition being shared to overturn the uniform policy with 864 of 3000 signers so far.

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