Y'all, I had to just take a minute to talk about the area I love with all my heart. Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana have been my home all my life.

I was born in Lake Charles and went to FK White Middle School, LaGrange High School, and McNeese State University. I love the people, our heritage, and the way we all come together to help one another.

Alicia Guthrie

Sure I have lived through the ice storm in the late '90s, along with many hurricanes but in the past 15 months, we have been beaten and battered so much.  It seems like as soon as we take two steps forward, we have to take four steps back thanks to Mother Nature.

We all know that we have had to deal with hurricanes Laura and Delta which devastated our area but right behind that a massive freeze that shut down the city. Then there came one of the biggest floods Lake Charles ever saw and now yesterday.

Alicia Guthrie

As the cold front came through the Southwest Louisiana area yesterday, we saw heavy rains and devastating tornadoes hit South Lake Charles and other areas of Southwest Louisiana.

It is sad that when looking at the pictures of all the damage from the tornados, it was hard to tell if that was damage from the tornado yesterday or was that damage from the hurricanes last year.

I say that because people are still trying to recover from Delta and Laura and some homes are still damaged from those storms. I still have friends who are still not in their homes and living in RV's 15 months after those storms.

Then I thought about those people whose homes were damaged yesterday and thought about if they had just finished fixing the damage from the hurricanes just to have to start all over again.

I hope that is not the case but just know, we have your back. Whatever I or we can do for you, please let us know.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we pray for a speedy recovery.

I wanted to just vent a little bit and wanted to ask Mother Nature, Can you please just give Lake Charles and our beautiful Southwest Louisiana a break.

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