Most of the population has seen the train wreck Netflix Docuseries called Tiger King. If you haven't by now, it would behoove you to watch the entire thing. It involves wild animals, polygamy, drugs, murder, and a bleach blonde mullet!

The people involved all have these giant zoos with super wild exotic animals in them. So that got me thinking a bit. I wonder what the rules are in Lake Charles on these types of animals. I mean, we have llamas, horses, pigs, chickens. Why not bears, tigers, and a monkey or two?

I ran across the Lake Charles Codes for animals online, and was pretty sad about the outcome of my new career possibility.

According to section 4-20, yea I giggled too, titled Wild and Exotic Animals Prohibited. The term "wild and exotic animal" is defined by any animals that are not normally domesticated as a pet. It also states that a wild animal is defined by having the propensity to bite or inflict harm on humans without provocation. It lists these animals out: lions, tighers, cougars, bears, leopards, snakes, snakes that reach over seven feet, poisonus lizards, alligators, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, foxes, wolves, otters, monkeys, prairie dogs, kangaroos. This also includes crossbreeding exotics with domesticated animals.

The only exception that exists would be if you found a hurt or helpless animal to nurse back to health. However, even then, it needs to be under the care and custody of a person licensed to do so.

Well, I guess I cant own exotics, but we can have our own virtual zoo instead! Check out the gallery for your own, socially distant, zoo!

Buddy Russ Virtual Zoo

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