With the 8th Annual Lundi Gras Party hot on our heels, there are some of us out there blessed with 5 left feet. You go to listen to your favorite Zydeco band, but you dream of walking out to the dance floor and getting into a heated dance off of epic proportions. Instead, you sit there holding down that table and watch everyone else sashay on by. Have no fear dear reader. You can learn that little step and plenty more, jump out there with your boots, and exclaim, "No one puts baby in a corner!"

Although you might get a few looks from the others, you can two step all the way to Mamou and back after you get back from some dance lessons. There are plenty of places here in town, and most of the time, for free.


The Lake Charles Chapter of the Cajun French Music Association offer free lessons the 3rd Thursday of each month at 3481 E. Prien Lake Road. Stop by or call them for more information 337-562-9156

Linzy Marie Dance Studio in Lake Charles offers numerous styles of dance lessons, including line dance and couple Zydeco. Located on Ryan Street in Lake Charles, they also offer clogging, wedding, and even jazz.

The Boogie Woogie Ballroom at 108 W. Lagrange St can teach you Zydeco and so much more: West Coast Swing, Ballroom, and Line Dancing.


Try out those local businesses and come on out to the 8th Annual Lundi Gras Party on Cowboys here in Lake Charles. Keith Frank will be playing all of his amazing hits, and you wont have to help hold down the bar as everyone else heats up the dance floor. Tickets are still available and can be purchased at Cowboys Night Club in Lake Charles at 5339 Common Street or here at the Gator Studio, 900 N. Lake Shore Drive.

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