In case you have been living under the rock. The New Orleans Saints have adopted a new theme song for themselves. We remember the past one, they were good, but never stuck around very long. However, their new one seems to be sticking and not going anywhere any time soon it seems.

Think back to 2002. Personally, I had graduated, was a DJ, and a huge fan of anything coming out of New Orleans. The "New Orleans Bounce" style of music was beginning to sweep across I-10, and catching on like wildfire. Introducing, New Orleans Rapper, Choppa Style. The album barely made it to the Top 100, sitting at 99, while the single Choppa Style, peaked at #49 in the Hip Hop charts. That's where it stayed for a short amount of time, then simply died off. In Louisiana, it ran hand in hand with some local clubs, and still could be heard in most Mardi Gras parades, at least the floats I would DJ on.

choppa style 2

Fast forward to 2018. The Saints are making a run for the Super Bowl. New Orleans rapper, Choppa, is at a Saints game cheering them on when suddenly, he hears his song come on. couldn't even imagine that feeling of hearing something you created from thin air suddenly reappear to thousands and thousands of people cheering and dancing along.

Choppa Style has become the Saints' theme song, and is being exposed to new listeners (realizing the early 2000's were the best time for hip hop, duh), and Choppa is suddenly back and in demand. The song was recently one of iTunes' top 10 downloaded songs of the week, he has now opened up for Justin Timberlake in New Orleans, and even Cardi B has sampled the song for a new track she is releasing.

The New Orleans rapper has done countless interviews, each time saying how humbled he is that the song, and himself, is getting a new lease in the spot light.

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