Chris Stapleton fans who will be seeing the artist live this summer have something to look forward to: The singer-songwriter has been playing a brand-new song, called "Hard Living," at his recent shows.

Stapleton first debuted the bluesy, raucous song at Berkeley, Calif.'s Greek Theatre, according to Rolling Stone, and has been incorporating it into his setlists since that April concert. The "Parachute" singer, his wife Morgane Stapleton (backup vocals), JT Cure (bass) and Derek Mixon (drums) take advantage of their time during soundcheck to work on new music.

"We try to have extended soundchecks, take a couple hours, where the first 45 minutes is actually soundchecking and the back half is working on new songs, or we goof around and jam for an hour," Stapleton says.

Readers can press play on the video above to hear "Hard Living."

Stapleton's Grammy-winning Traveller album, released in the spring of 2015, was a huge success, but he hasn't spoken publicly about his plans for his next record. It's not clear if "Hard Living" will end up on a new project, but he admits that he and his band have been "working on other things" and "experimenting." In the meantime, Stapleton and Hank Williams Jr. are teaming up for a co-headlining tour that runs throughout August.

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