A video that has been three years in the making. Stapleton's new hit Second One to Know now has a video that puts him, and the band, into Lego history! The surprises in the video are non-stop as it opens in a scene of an outdoor concert. The stage Stapleton is playing on is a direct copy of his current touring stage. EVERYONE IS A LEGO! From the entire band, his wife, kids, and even his audio and lighting engineers!

YouTube Chris Stapleton 2

Morgane is playing her tambourine as the band kicks off the song. Chris Pratt is the first little "Easter Egg" that is introduced. He actually gets kicked out of the show while wearing a Chris Stapleton shirt. Once he is out, it all goes down hill from there. Ninjas get involved and try to crash the show. The band plays on as they fight against said ninjas. Somehow a Lego dragon is then awakened from a watery slumber and is then fought off by a giant robot lego Chris Stapleton.

YouTube Chris Stapleton 3

As the robot forms, the Robo-Stapleton's had is now the stage as our bearded hero whistles for a ride from a bald eagle. Do I have your attention now? I have seen it now a dozen times, and laugh through it each and every time!

YouTube Chris Stapleton 6

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