It's a yearly festival that takes over all of downtown Lake Charles. It features local artists, food vendors, and musicians all packed around the downtown area. It has grown over the years exponentially and has become one of the largest festivals in Lake Charles.

Facebook, ChuckFest

The organization announced on July 8 that the festival this year, scheduled on October 17, would indeed be canceled. The statement made by them was heartfelt as they mentioned how difficult of a decision it was, but they are choosing to be cautions. They did end their statement with a small glimmer of hope. After reading, and inferring a touch, they mention to keep our eyes peeled because they still intend to support local musicians, artists, restaurants, and the community this year.

I have had the opportunity to MC this festival two years in a row now, and attend for five. It is an amazing event that has something for everyone's taste. It is sad news for sure, but it takes a lot of guts and a level head to make a huge decision such as this. Hopefully we will see Chuck Fest 2021!

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