Cledus T. Judd. That's a name we haven't heard in a long time. He has been called the "Weird Al of Country Music". With a collection of albums and "Hits" such as Indian In-Laws, Plowboy, Bake Me a Country Ham, and If Shania Was Mine, he's no stranger to making parodies of popular Country music titles.

In his "hay days", Judd cranked out over a dozen albums and it almost became an honor to have him parody your song, as a right of passage. In 2015, Judd announced he would be retiring from the business, noting his loss of passion for doing it and a drug problem.

cledus 2

Now, it seems, Judd is making a comeback and taking a swing at Morgan Wallen. He released on his YouTube page Weight's Goin Up Down, Up Down. The video talks about his weight and cholesterol as he drinks gravy with a straw and eats fried chicken. Think Judd can hold on to this comeback? Weird Al tried the same thing a few years ago with what seemed an epic comeback by releasing a song a day for his new album. The hype died off rather quickly after the album released, and he seems his has slipped back off into oblivion as well.


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