You and your kids can now enjoy your favorite Little Debbie snack cakes just a little bit more with the BRAND NEW Little Debbie Park.

The Little Debbie Park is open now in Collegedale, Tennessee, a town about 30 minutes west of Chattanooga. Collegedale is the Home of the famous Little Debbie brand, and the land for the park was donated to build the park by The McKee family of McKee Foods Corporation. The company purchased the land for the city, with their only ask that the property be used to make a new park.

VP Rusty McKee, said, “Our family has always enjoyed being outside, and enjoying the beautiful trees, grass, shrubs, etc., and there’s probably not a better gift then to come together and make something like this happen for the community.”

True to the name of the park, Little Debbie Park, many of the attractions at the park are based on many of the famous snack cakes that have been made popular by the brand. Whether you're looking for cosmic brownies, oatmeal cream pies, swiss rolls, and so many more.

The park includes a statue of Little Debbie herself, it was created by local artist Alex Paul Loza.

This is not just a park for the kiddos either, the park has covered bench swings so parents can relax in the shade while watching their children play.

Little Debbie Park

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