Before we continue, I will warn you now that the video below does have strong profanity in it. Cover any little ears you don't want hearing it.

LSU v Alabama
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Obviously LSU's win over Alabama after eight years was a big one for them. The tigers remain undefeated and fans all over are still celebrating. The Tigers went into the half on the good side of the scoreboard, but that didn't stop Coach O from keeping the momentum going with his locker room speech. He's loud, he'd proud, and he's a nightmare for closed captioning. For this part of his speech, there is no caption needed. The coach was in full voice and speaking clearly as he hypes his team up to go out and finish the game with a win.

He's not afraid to use colorful language, especially on the field.

Now, the moment we have all been waiting for. The quote that has caused a lot of controversy amidst fans of LSU and other teams. Should he have used such strong language during his speech, should he have said it the way he said it, and was it right to even stream and record his locker room speech? The opinions are surprisingly opposing. Some are saying it's just locker room talk from a coach trying to hype his team up, others say its disrespectful to talk in such a way. You be the judge.

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