Just in case you were bored of the Classic Coke, Stranger Things New Coke, and Orange Vanilla Coke. Coca-Cola is debuting a new "holiday" flavor of coke that first was introduced over in the United Kingdon. The flavor? Cinnamon Coca-Cola. Contain your gag reflex, I did the same thing.

It seems to be getting in the Christmas game early, while other brands are trying their best to go Pumpkin Spice first. According to reviewers, the cinnamon flavor in the concoction makes for a good addition due to the "brown spice flavoring" already in the beverage.

Whether you're ready, or not, the new flavor will hit the shelves in the US market at the end of September. Also hitting shelves, but not being pushed as hard, will be Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite. Now THAT is a beverage that I can get behind!

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