What's this? A post about a concert coming to Louisiana? An actual concert in an actual venue even? Apparently, it is. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, today for fan club members, for Cody Johnson set to perform at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales.

I really didn't believe it either, so I began to dig around a bit to make sure this was real. Sure enough, according to CoJo's website, the tour date is legit and is posted on his tour dates. It seems the country star has fired up the tour buses and is ready to hit the road. It's showing him making up some of his 2020 shows throughout Texas as well.

Johnson was obviously forced to stop touring as we dove deeper into the pandemic of 2020, but it seems he is making his way back and ready to go. His first tour date for 2021 is scheduled for this weekend as he starts out in Round Rock, Texas. Let's hope things stay trending in this way as more things open and we see more show dates from other artists we miss going to see.

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