We have all been to football games and know that you will usually see the college marching band play at halftime. We all know that Grambling and Southern college bands are a show within itself here in Louisiana.

We bet you have never seen this from a college band before. The Ohio State University Marching Band performed during halftime of one of the Buckeye's football games in 2023 and the video from that performance has now gone viral.

On October 19th, 2013, the Ohio State Buckeye football team was playing at home when the Ohio State University Marching Band took the field for its performance. The band was set to a tribute to Michael Jackson, the king of pop.

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Michael Jackson of course was one of the most successful artists of all time and was a worldwide superstar with hits like Thriller, Beat It, Bily Jean, Man In The Mirror, PYT, Rick With You, Remember The Time, We Are The World, and a ton more.

His album Thriller was one of the most successful selling albums of all time spawning the hit Billy Jean. The Ohio State University Marching Band put that song in their set to perform live.

We all know that marching bands move around the field and usually spell out things in their formation but The Ohio State University Marching Band took it up a notch by forming a silhouette of Michael Jackson but took it one step further by including Jackson's famous white glove and making the formation moonwalk.  Check this out.

How cool is that? We wish we were there for that!

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