Sad news out of Hollywood, as we have learned this morning of the passing of comedian and television actor Jerry Stiller.

Stiller is best known for two major TV roles in his career. He played Frank Costanza on Seinfeld from 1993-1998. He was in  a few other television shows before landing the role of Arthur Spooner on the show King Of Queens playing the Father in law of Kevin James, who he co-starred with on the show. He played that role from 1998-2007.

20th Century Fox Premieres Night At The Museum - Red Carpet
Jerry & Ben Stiller (Getty Images)

Jerry Stiller is also the father of movie star, Ben Stiller, known for his roles in There Is Something About Mary, Meet The Parents, and Dodgeball. 

Ben Stiller took to Twitter to pay tribute to his dad. RIP Mr. Stiller, and thanks for all the laughs.

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