Well, it worked for Lil Nas-X for Old Town Road. Country-trap artist Breland, first released his single My Truck at the beginning of 2020. Now, he has tapped country music's Sam Hunt for a remix. The song itself hasn't changed, much like the remi" for Old Town Road when it was sung by Billy Ray Cyrus.

The song climbed the Spotify charts in a perfect storm, being featured on social media sites such as Tik-Tok. The song was streamed over 20 million times and even landed itself in the top 50 for the Billboard Country charts.

Lil Nas-X was a bit higher when it hit the country charts just before Billboard deemed it not country music and pulled it. During the ACM awards, X and Cyrus won Best Country Duo of the year. Perhaps tapping Sam Hunt for the remix is a way for Breland to secure his spot for the next ACM duo award.

The recent climb in popularity has now landed the Country-trap artists a record deal from Atlantic records, and his new album is set to be released in May. The question is, is this song country? Billboard said Old Town Road was not country despite it having the genre's musical instruments involved. My Truck lacks any country-type instruments and just features Breland having a thick twang alongside a country music star.

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