I've noticed over the last few days that people have been reporting their catalytic converters being taken from their car. Without getting too far into what that is, and why anyone would want to steal them, I will give you the quick answer. The catalytic converter on your vehicle helps clean the unburnt pollutants that escape from your engine's combustion chamber by burning off any excess fuel that might be unburned from the engine. There is a bunch a mesh-type screens inside of the part that heat up from the engine's exhaust in order to burn off the unused fuel. Those pieces inside of the converter are made of precious metals" platinum, palladium, or rhodium. That is what the thieves are after.

The price on a converter will vary from junk yard to junk yard, but on average a converter can bring someone $50 to $200 dollars per unit once it is turned in for scrap. All you need to do is unbolt the converter, or cut it off, and you've got yourself a few dollars in your hand ready to be turned in.

The CPSO has announced that they are looking for a suspect after a victim reported her work vehicle had its converters removed in mid June. Detectives found blood on the car's door and processed it for DNA testing. Another report of a theft in Moss Bluff provided video footage of the suspect's vehicle, a silver Ford Escape. The DNA results matched Russell C. Perkins of DeQuincy. CPSO found out that Perkins does indeed drive a silver Ford Escape and that the suspect recently scrapped catalytic converters while driving the vehicle.

Two warrants have been issued for two counts of simple criminal property damage; theft less than $1,000 and theft $1,000 to $5,000. CPSO is currently searching for Perkins and if anyone knows of his location to call the CPSO at 491-3605. Perkins has a bond set at $60,000.

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