Thanksgiving is coming this Thursday and after all the food is eaten and the nap's are taken, folks will get their plan in place for the annual Black Friday holiday shopping.

You can feel safe again this year shopping folks because the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office (CPSO) has implemented their Annual Robbery Prevention Mobilization.  The headquarters for this will be at the Prien Lake Mall.

Kayla Vincent with the CPSO said told us what services you can expect while shopping safely:

The deputies will be on marked ATV's and patrol cars in the parking lot, as well as manning the CPSO Mobile Command Center located in the parking lot of the mall on Prien Lake Road.

Deputies, who will be wearing orange Sheriff’s Office traffic vests, will be available to assist shoppers with such things as helping them find their car, jump starting their car if the battery is dead, changing a flat, assisting employees and shoppers by walking them to their car after dark, or any other assistance they can provide.

Sheriff Tony Mancuso went on to say:

“The CPSO Robbery Prevention Mobilization has always been instrumental in, not only assisting shoppers with their problems and concerns, but keeping crime to a minimum at a time of year when it is usually on the rise,” says Sheriff Tony Mancuso.  “We are very pleased to be able to offer this service to the public.”

So shop till you drop!  The CPSO has you covered!  Thanks to all  the men and women who protect us everyday!

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