Do you remember Mike From Sasol? Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana were so intrigued with the story of Mike From Sasol back in 2021 when someone broke the internet talking about him and his story. Not familiar?

In June of 2021, someone took to Facebook to post a story about how Mike From Sasol was supposed to be at work, or so his wife thought, but the user called him out from meeting another woman. Here is what that post said and outlined about what was going on.

A Facebook user posted a story about how some guy named Mike who works at Sasol pulled into the parking lot of an Advance Auto Parts store in Lake Charles. He was driving a grey Challenger, so he decided to park on the side of the store. The post went on to say that he told his wife he was working, but that was not the case. The Facebook user even went as far as calling out the name of the person Mike would be spending time with after she picked him up from Advance Auto. Miranda picked up Sasol Mike in a red Camaro and they were off to the Golden Nugget.


The story blew up in the lake area with people making all sorts of comments. We even got an update an hour later back in 2021 saying,

We got updated on the situation an hour or so after the original post. Mike called the auto parts store asking if someone had made a post about what he was doing. As a result, his wife found out and was headed to bust the windows out of his car in the parking lot. He asked the store to call the police if she was, indeed, outside of his car. However, there was no confirmation from anyone if the wife had shown up to the car at that point.

Well, that issue finally died off but it seems we have another situation people on Facebook are up in arms about. This time, the guy decided to contact a national radio show to get some advice about his side chick.

2016 State Farm Neighborhood Awards Hosted By Steve Harvey
David Becker

The guy's name is Eric and he decided he needed to write into the Steve Harvey Morning Show which airs locally here in Lake Charles on 107 JAMZ.

The audio from the radio show starts with the host saying here is a question from Eric In Lake Charles, Louisiana. She goes on to talk about Eric asking about how every time he goes to the mall, we are assuming he is talking about the Prien Lake Mall, to see the quote "Side Chick" she makes a big deal about it and shows too much PDA and he doesn't know who is at the mall that may know his wife. You have to listen to this!

What do you think about this? Is Eric headed for trouble? Only Facebook will tell us.

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