Yesterday, Crying Eagle Brewing announced its transition to convert to a microbrewery. This transition allows the brewery to serve more than just their own beer. They will now be able to serve wine, other beers than their own, and eventually liquor. They have to change over to the microbrewery in order to stay compliant with state laws regulating the sale of their beer.

Facebook, Crying Eagle Brewing
Facebook, Crying Eagle Brewing

In a nut shell, if you want to serve any alcohol other than your own, you can't distribute what you make. That is a very dumbed down version of the law, but you get the idea. It is the same reason Bayou Rum can only serve their rum on their property. The press release from the brewery does reassure us that they will continue to make beer and will can it, but it will only be available to purchase from them.

The move is setting the brewery up for its lakefront restaurant that should be breaking ground this year. Since it will be a full eatery, they will need the ability to serve not only their own beer, but liquor and wine as well. The release finished off with a discussion of being able to take these new avenues in making beer cocktails, beer daiquiris, and having "guest" taps from other breweries around the state and nation.

The calendar of them rolling out wine and liquor will be:

  • June 3 - White Wines, Red Wines, Roses, and Sparkling Wines
  • June 10 - Cocktails and Liquor
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