Negotiations are still ongoing with Prescott and the Cowboys regarding his contract. Reports are beginning to surface that Prescott is requesting $45 million for a fifth year after a four-year contract. In a previous offer from the Cowboys, Prescott turned down an annual salary of $34 million, which would have put his earnings right in step with veterans like Jared Goff and Aaron Rodgers.

That offer wasn't enough for the unsigned quarterback. It appears he is sticking to his request for more. There seems to be a lot of math and speculation about how the salary being offered will be split. Some are saying the total offer over the five years that Prescott wants is $185 million, while others are saying perhaps he just wants the last year of the contract to be $45 million.

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If done the way most contract critics are suggesting, Dak would make $35 million a year for four years. If the five-year agreement happens, he would receive his normal $35 million plus an extra $15 million in year five to make the desired $45 million. I can't even handle moving my rent money around into my savings account, and these guys are fighting over millions!

If an agreement can't be made, Prescott will have a franchise tag on him at $33 million. Another option for the young QB would be a short-term extension for three years, putting him as a free agent by the time he is 29.

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