Someone check on your grandmother, she's about to not be ok. According to TMZ, the Days of Our Lives cast has been released of their contracts for the next season. Every single actor in the show has been let out of any obligation to continue on the show due to low ratings and financial struggles.

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Now, this doesn't mean the show is being cancelled, but it also doesn't bode well for future episodes. In 1965, the world got its first glimpse of the 54 season show. We have been through murder, fake deaths, robot people, and devil possessions. I was around for the possession and the robot chick, and it scared the crap out of me.

NBC is said to decide in 2020 if they will continue with season 55, but have no fear there are enough episodes to take your aunt into the summer of 2020. If the network does renew the contracts, one would assume it would be for way less money than they are accustomed to. I wonder what the cost of living is in Salem.

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