If you have ridden around Lake Charles lately, you will see a lot of businesses that have not opened up after the hurricanes last year.  They are still in the process of rebuilding or may not open back up at all.

We were running around town when we stumbled across this building on East Prien Lake Road. Do you remember what this used to be?

Yep, it is the old Burger King location on East Prien Lake Road next to Wok D'lite.  This Burger King location has been in Lake Charles and at this location for decades.

How do we know? I remember going to this Burger King back in the late 1980s after school. I went to LaGrange High School and we would always go and get some food after school because let's face it, I was a growing boy and I was always hungry.

Burger King (Photo By Mike Soileau)
Burger King (Photo By Mike Soileau)

Yesterday, we passed by the old Burger King to see that it was abandoned and that all the signs had been taken down.  Then we noticed that there was a for lease sign in the front of the building by the old Burger King sign.

We hate to see another business close and we definitely hate to see just another abandoned building sitting empty in the city. We have so many of those abandoned buildings around town.

The old K-Mart shopping center on Ryan Street, the shopping center on 5th Avenue South of I-210, and the old Krogers store on Highway 14 North of I-210 are just a few that come to mind of locations with building just sitting empty.

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