I remember Friday when we were talking about the rain, 60 to 80 percent chance of showers. It looked like the worst thing that would happen would be no pool time last weekend. Nobody expected then that this would turn into "The Louisiana Flood of 2016", that so many people would be in harm's way, displaced from their homes, in many cases, have to be rescued from their homes and cars..  No warning..  I've seen a lot of people shocked and suffering,  and almost simultaneously some amazing acts of heroism. Local heroism in my experience is normally seen by trained Police, Firefighters, and Rescue workers.  I'm often amazed at their instinctual ability to run towards a situation where human nature tells us to run away.

"Cajun Navy" photo by Walter Michot

Amongst this sudden destruction and shock, there are unlikely heros.  I saw several stories on social media thanking "The Cajun Navy". Turns out, that refers to all the duck hunters, fishermen, and boaters, some of whom banded together and caravanned to the flooded areas, and some who just grabbed their boats and went. People were considerate enough not to bring air boats when it could be avoided so as not to push more water into homes and businesses. These neighbors came without a call to help trained Rescue Workers get people to safety.

The danger persists as rivers continue to meet their crest, levies give to the water pressure, and more people are displaced from their homes. At the same time, more volunteers open their homes, make meals, start clothing and food drives, not just from Louisiana, but in neighboring states as well, to help those who need it. Recent news of us fighting over our differences has disappeared,  as we are once again reminded, we all basically want the same things. Safety of life is paramount, as it should be, and everyone is pulling together to make that a reality. Be safe.I know this emergency is not going to be over when the flood waters recede, but there is an end, and until there is, I'm grateful we live in an area that has good, brave neighbors.

If you want to help, register at VolunteerLouisiana.gov