The newest quarterback for the Bengals, former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, watched the drive from his living room with his parents. He wore a shirt by Nike, with 740 on it, representing the area code from Athens County. A lot of LSU fans might have been a tad upset that he wasn't wearing anything Louisianan to represent his amazing season at LSU, but they'd be very wrong.

Around the Heisman Trophy winner's neck sat a chain necklace with a diamond covered number nine hanging from it. Seems a bit flashy for the now NFL star, but it has a deeper meaning to Burrow and to Louisiana. Do I have your interest now?

According to the Advocate, Burrow was asked during a post-draft call about the necklace. It was given to him by Louisiana's own Lil' Boosie. Boosie is a big fan of Burrow and followed the Tigers the entire season. He has been seen on social media celebrating along with the rest of Louisiana after each win. Burrow is just as much of a fan, especially after a video of him dancing to one of Boosie's songs after a game went viral.

2020 NFL Draft - Round 1
NFL via Getty Images

Burrow was asked when he received the necklace from the Baton Rouge rapper. LSU reporter, Wilson Alexander, tweeted Burrow's reply.

What could possibly be more Louisianan than that?

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