Although the weather is questionable lately, it will pass and the sun will come out, tomorrow (Ok, that's not a Disney line, don't judge me). The Online Disney Store has your pool accessories covered if you're a fan of the finned fantastic redhead, the Little Mermaid.

Starting things off, this Sebastian float will keep you from going Under the Sea, until you're ready, or you loose your throne! Grab it HERE from the store.


Don't let your drink go without its own pool accessory. The baby seahorses will hold it for you while you go through your collection of thing a ma bobs.

drink float

Usually when a fish floats, it's time to flush it down the toilet. The floating Flounder isn't the case. Float with your fins on this big Flouder floatie! 


Last, but not least, be apart of the world and walk on land. This mermaid towel will let you flip your fins, and get far as well!

mermaid towel

Obviously you need them all! Warm up the credit card and have your own collection, but will it ever be complete?

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