Originally released in 1992, the animated film was Disney's 31st animated film. It went on to become the highest grossing film of 1992, and made Disney $504 Million world wide. It went on to be the first animated film to ever touch that mark, and was only surpassed by The Lion King a few years later. It won countless awards and starred Robin Williams, of course, as the Genie. Fun fact, the role was written specifically for Williams and presented to him by the animators animating the Genie with Williams' stand up comedy as the audio track. That sold Williams, and he signed immediately.

aladdin 2

Now, let's fast forward all of these years later. Movies from the past are now getting remade. Most of them fall incredibly short (looking at you Ninja Turtles!). Disney has released a heck of a teaser trailer, as of yesterday, and the music is what drew me back in instantly. This time around, the Genie will be played by Will Smith, will he take is own path with the character or will he nod the the greatest Genie of them all? Guess only time will tell!

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