Stop looking through the couch cushions and the car seats, oh, and throw away that old french fry. The State has announced an updated system to reclaim money that you may be owed as an heir or that was never claimed.

Traditionally, you could look up your name, find the money amount owed, but then jump through a ton of hoops to actually reclaim the money. The updated Louisiana Unclaimed Property website has changed that hassle. With a few simple clicks, key presses, and an email confirmation, it's not even easier to get your unclaimed money back.

I knew I had some from previous years of searching, but the forms you needed to fill out and send off just didn't seem to be worth it. Have no fear, you can do it all online now with a few easy steps! Below are the links to get you started and searching for those millions that are owed to you (in my case, it was 80 bucks).

If you get enough, think I could have a dollar?

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