Last week, we took you on a tour of the famous people who are buried here in Lake Charles as our buddy Jimmy Parton navigated us through the stories. Well, Jimmy also did a video documentary on the crazy story of how the city of Lake Charles got its name back in the day.

In the video, you will hear of the crazy tale of a love triangle between Charles Sallier, his wife, Katherine, and the infamous pirate, Jean Lafitte. The video shows the oldest house in Lake Charles, where Charles and Katherine Sallier lived. It is still standing and is located on Shell Beach Drive.

The story gets underway as the couple become really good friends with Jean Lafitte. As legend has it, Lafitte would pull his pirate ship up on the lake right in front of the couple's home to visit.

Front Yard of the Salliers Home (Youtube)
Front Yard of the Salliers Home (Youtube)

However, the visits became really frequent and started making Charles Sallier a little leery of why Jean Lafitte was coming around so much. Fast forward, and Charles Sallier goes away for a business trip. When he returns home, he notices Jean Lafitte's ship pulling away from the front of his house.

Charles notices when he goes inside that Katherine is wearing a new piece of jewelry and he knew Jean Lafitte had just given it to her. He becomes enraged and shoots Katherine with his pistol. The story then gets even crazier and has two different endings, so you can believe the one you want.

Here is the crazy story of how the city of Lake Charles got its name.

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