After collapsing on stage on August 16, country music's Drake White began undergoing treatments for arteriovenous malformation (AVM). The condition reduces blood flow to the brain by way of tangled, and abnormal, blood vessels that feed the brain with blood. As a result, the singer became paralyzed after the surgery and treatments to fix the issue. Now, a year later, White appeared on an episode of The Doctors and revealed his recovery process.

His progress is not as far as he expected, but he does say now he is walking with a cane, and he is regaining feeling and strength steadily. He does physical therapy and has been going through embolization treatments. A future surgery is not out of the question to further treat the AVM, but his hopes are high for a full recovery. He has regained movement in his left hand again, and is starting to play guitar. He still walks with a cane, but the thoughts of being back on stage is what is motivating him to contine to push and get better.

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