Tonight is the night as Drew Brees and Walk-On's will be featured on Undercover Boss.

The show will feature Drew Brees dressing up and going undercover in the Walk-On's restaurants to see what is going on in the chain of restaurants he invested in.

Walkons Lake Charles (Provided by C.O.Valet/Facebook)
Walkons Lake Charles (Provided by C.O.Valet/Facebook)

Like we reported last month, Brees will be disguised with long-hair and a beard and go by the name “Chris" and be working at the restaurants as a bus boy and dishwasher.

Walk-On's CEO Brandon Landry is also getting into the mix as he will disguised in glasses and a beard and be working as Walk-On’s kitchen manager.

The Undercover Boss episode airs tonight January 8th, 2020 and it airs on CBS at 7 p.m.

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