Sitting or squatting ankle deep in water that's colder than a divorce attorney's heart. Feeling snotsicles emerging from beneath your nose in the below-freezing temperatures. Waiting for the sunrise on a day that you could be sleeping in.  Ah, the joys of duck hunting. Well, that's just part of the story.

What's the real story is that it appears that a genuine slice of Louisiana life is beginning to dwindle? More and more duck hunters or would be duck hunters are opting for the handheld the illusion of duck hunting found on their iPad or home computer.

The computer effect appears to be a real thing as wildlife groups such as Delta Waterfowl are reporting that fewer and fewer duck hunters are taking to Louisiana's marshes and lowland's in search of a traditional bounty of the land.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has also noticed the downward trend in hunting, especially for ducks. That inspired the department a few years ago to develop a program where seasoned hunters would take novice hunters out and show them the ropes. This mentoring program has had its successes but not the kind of success that has put more duck hunters in the field.

The trend doesn't appear to be turning around with the next generation as recent research has shown there is less and less interest in the sport of hunting among the state and the nation's young people. Again, the computer and other alternative interests are to blame.

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