South Louisiana country music recording artist Dustin Sonnier is known for his old soul and his love of old country music. Even Dustin's original songs he has released sound like the old country.

If you have ever seen Dustin Sonnier live or listened to his records, then you know that he is the real deal and loves his country music roots. His shows are always full of nothing but iconic classic country songs from artists like Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, George Strait, John Anderson, George Jones, and the list goes on and on and on!

Dustin also has a string of his own hits like Whiskey Makes Her Miss Me, Neither Do I, Between The Stones And Jones, Missin' You Mississippi, and many more.

Dustin Sonnier (
Dustin Sonnier (

One of Dustin's favorite country music artists of all time is Keith Whitley. Dustin sings the heck out of some Keith Whitley. Recently, Dustin was recognized by the official Kieth Whitley Facebook page.

They saw the video Dustin shot singing Keith Whitley's hit It's All Coming Back To Me Now which was released in 1988 just one year before Keith Whitley's untimely death. Whitley passed away on May 9th, 1989.

Dustin did a cover of the song and posted it on his Facebook only to have the official Kieth Whitley Facebook page repost the video and the song. Check this out!

How cool is that for Dustin Sonnier to have his hero's official Facebook report the video? Congrats Dustin and great job on the song!

Do yourself a favor and head over to the platform you get music from and start downloading all of Dustin Sonnier's great music. You won't be sorry and make sure to catch him live real soon!

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