So yesterday country music recording artist Dustin Sonnier stopped by the studio to visit with me and Emily and talk about his brand new CD called "Country" and even performed his new hit single for us live in the studio.

Dustin is an ole country soul and you can tell that by the lyrics, the fiddle and steel guitar in his songs and his raspy sounding old school delivery.

When Dustin came into the studio, we talked to him about his new six song album chopped full of great country music.  Dustin Sonnier wrote three of the songs on his new Cd plus he has a Conway Twitty cover of the hit sing "I See The Want To In Your Eyes."

Then Dustin broke out his guitar and snag his new single "Whiskey Makes Her Miss Me" and of course we caught it on video for ya!.  Check it out!

You can get Dustin's new album at any of his shows, iTunes and Google Play.  It's a great one so get your copy now!